The New Values | The New Values album review

Let's start with the obligatory music-review laboured metaphor: The New Values are a three-pistoned engine of Thor-like hammering and weird attitude, powered by blood, sweat, and spit (sorry, tears! Maybe on the fourth album, once they all have kids). This sounds gross, I know, but it's actually awesome. After a few years of gigs they've finally released a 12" that manages to do the impossible, (okay...the difficult), and catches some of that excessive live energy. And, then they named it after themselves. Fair enough, as claiming an overarching theme would belie the total lack of pretension in said hammering, though it seems to me they stick with a classic value: fucking shit up. Fucking shit up never gets old. And it never has time to, with 11 songs coming in at less than 20 minutes. That's how long they can keep up this pace without needing to eat something. I heard they're loading up beer helmets with Creatine, Dayquil, and N.O.Xplode to try to stretch their shows out to a half hour. Fingers crossed.

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