NYCB | Les Ballets De Faile

The New York City Ballet introduces 'an unexpected way to experience a night at the ballet' with the NYCB Art Series, commissioning contemporary artists to create original work of art inspired by the Company's dancers and ballets.

For the inaugural year of the Art Series, NYCB has partnered with Brooklyn-based artists, FAILE. The Street Art duo's installation, Les Ballet De Faile, was created for the two Art Series performances on February 1, and May 29. With tickets at just $29, each audience member also receives a limited-edition work by FAILE made specifically for the event.

"It's a little bit of mixing grime and glamour, it's wrestling the beauty and the beast. It's taking these two elements and pushing them together," says FAILE in their video about the collaboration with NYCB.

FAILE's installation is currently open to the public for free during special gallery viewing hours until February 17 at the New York City Ballet, Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts.


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