Petra Glynt Debuts New Song

It wasn’t uncommon for 90s kids to spend their Friday nights nestled in front of the television watching the dancers getting loose on Queen Street West during the weekly broadcast of Muchmusic’s Electric Circus. Petra Glynt is bringing us all back to those days whether you were around for it or not. Montreal’s electronic powerhouse has just released the new video for her single “No Consequences” and it is absolutely draped in that perfect aesthetic. Directed by Glynt herself, the song and video is a rallying cry to any and all who feel that their future is becoming less inclusive because of their lifestyle or beliefs. Spotlighting POC and LGBTQ+ performers, Glynt has crafted a rallying cry to everyone to “take the dancefloor” and in return take that power back. After watching I dare anyone not to want to join this party. 

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