Petra Glynt Releases New Single "New Growth"

Petra Glynt isn’t just your average EDM bedroom producer. The Montreal-based artist, not a term we are using loosely here, is quite honestly a force to be reckoned with. Her debut album, the delightfully trippy The Trip, was released last year to positive acclaim and now Glynt is following that up with My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love, a record that shatters any expectations and puts to shame any worry of a sophomore slump. The album will be out on September 7th via Toronto’s Pleasence Records, and in the meantime Glynt has treated us to its first single “New Growth”. Working with engineer Alice Wilder (M.I.A.), Glynt sounds more empowered than in the past. The song is meant to be a reflection of the progress made during the #MeToo movement and it is a wild blast of movement and fury that kicks off strong and doesn’t let up. Petra Glynt has always been an innovative producer and songwriter but after hearing the growth she has made in each discipline with “New Growth”, the anticipation to hear what else she has up her sleeves with My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love is simply outstanding.

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