Petra Glynt's "This You Need" Off Of 'This Trip' Is A Trip

A lot of press has been given to multimedia artist Petra Glynt’s recent issues while embarking on a European tour a couple of months ago. The Montreal based musician was refused entry into the U.K. and detained for over 50 hours, some of which was partially in a high security immigration refusal center. Hopefully some of the writing that has been devoted to this unfortunate incident has also inspired curious readers to search out some of Glynt’s recent output. Her wonderful new album The Trip was released recently through Damien Taylor’s (Bjork, Arcade Fire, The Prodigy) new label Vibe Over Method and she recently released the video for album closer, “This You Need”. Directed by Jeff Garcia and Tanya Stanos the clip is as hypnotic as the track.  It takes a lot for most to sit through a six plus minute video at their laptop or on their phone but Glynt’s work here has the ability to take such a simple concept and turn it into something that is effortlessly watchable. After all was said and done with her recent tour troubles, Glynt, through a Go Fund Me campaign, ended up raising enough money in a 24 hour period to re-embark on her European tour. It’s easy to see why her fans would be willing to support this. It’s not everyday something this interesting and thought provoking comes along that also has the ability to make you want to get up and dance. Let’s just hope that the border issues are a thing of the past and that Petra Glynt spends her time onstage, where she clearly belongs. 

Photo: Mitchell Jón Stafiej

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