Ponytails' "Cherry Pie" Video Features Some Very Passionate Pie-Making

Ponytails are a great band. When you see them play together they have such a natural ease and chemistry with each other that it’s easy to assume they are all great friends off stage as well as on. The band has just released their new Lester Lyons-Hookham directed video for the winsome stunner “Cherry Pie,” and with it the reveal that the band is a lot tighter that we may have initially thought. The charming clip posits that the love between Travis (Guitars) and Harvey (Vocals) is so strong that in the heat of passionate pie making (exactly how that sounds) they spawn a half pie/half human hybrid. From there the video careens down a path that could have easily become a surreal nightmare if it wasn’t for all the heart that emanates from our bearded heroes. The audacity of what the band has created may have brought you to watch it the first time but your multiple viewings will be because you can’t get this damn song out of your head or wipe the smile it gives you off of your face.

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