Raveonettes' Guru Sune Rose Releases Solo Single

Even though the middle class of music is dissolving, some days its warmth drifts through your window, and often those are days where Sune Rose Wagner releases new material. Although grouped in with so many "The" bands of the early aughts, his work with Sharin Foo under the Raveonettes moniker always feels like it will become transcendent representation from their chosen era. 

In Sune Rose's recent solo release, he uses all the trademark spooky doo-wop writing chops that has been in his toolbox for two decades, and sprinkles in some slick production treats that he's absorbed along the way to becoming one of America's most in-demand producers for mid-level acts and prestige television soundtracking. Listen to "After All" today and then consider how many times you may listen to it in ten to twenty years as well. 

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