Review: METZ - "Cellophane"

Toronto’s METZ make music that has often left them to be compared to the Seattle scene’s 90’s era of grunge bands but as they have proven since the release of their sophomore album II, the band is much more interested in crafting songs that are not only sonically punishing but that can also push this form of punk rock or post hardcore, or whatever you want to call it, onto a more artistic terrain. Today with the release of their brand new single, “Cellophane”, METZ show that their music can be both aggressive and interesting. Recorded live off the floor at Electrical Audio in Chicago with the infamous Steve Albini, “Cellophane” captures the trio’s live intensity and also shows off the care they put into their songs. When vocalist Alex Edkins screams, “How will I know” in the song’s huge chorus it’s doubled by some lovely harmonies before the band explode into an absolutely maniacal distorted solo of guitar noise. At just over 4 minutes the song is the antithesis to the get in and get out style of punk rock that many listeners of the genre are used to hearing and it becomes a real journey. Highlighted by solid musicianship, engaging songwriting and a sense of tension and excitement that few acts can match, “Cellophane” leads off METZ’s new album Strange Peace, which drops September 22nd via Sub Pop Records.

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