Ride Shares New Single

It’s refreshing to see a band come back after a twenty-year hiatus and jump back into the fray as if no time has passed at all. Oxford’s Ride is such a band. Joining the ranks of the recently reunited Slowdive, the band is currently in the middle of a never ending tour cycle as well as, yesterday, releasing a brand new single entitled “Pulsar”. The track captures all the spaced out fuzziness that you would hope for in a Ride single.  Starting things off with a wonderful organ drone before exploding into a boppy drumbeat and a wall of guitars and keyboards, leaving just enough room for Loz Colbert’s vocals to pop through.  Working again with Weather Diaries producer Erol Alkan, the band says they wanted to craft “some kind of ‘space anthem’ about light, existence, travel and return,” and in this aspect they have very much succeeded. Ride embarks on the European leg of their tour tonight and looking ahead, do not seem to have any plans to stop playing shows and releasing new music. If they manage to keep at the pace and quality that they have been so far then this is more than welcome news. 

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