Sally Dige Premieres New Song

Berlin based artist Sally Dige may be known to Vancouver audiences as a member of Petroluem By-Product, a band where Dige honed her talents as a musician, singer-songwriter and audio-visual multi disciplinarian, but this week the former Vancouverite releases the first single, “Holding On”, off of the upcoming album of the same name. Using only a single synth and her voice, Dige has crafted quite the dance floor ready gem. Digging deeper into the track is where the real emotion is felt. Written at a time of intense personal turmoil Dige lures the listener in with some charmingly shiny production techniques that belie the darker lyrical content wherein the spectre of loneliness and death lurk within every stanza. With any artist working on their own the challenge of walking the line between saying what you want to say and being able to edit and present your work with out it being self aggrandizing is a fine one. Here Dige shows that as an artist this technique is one that they have mastered, crafting a piece that is personal as well as intriguing for even the most casual of listeners.

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