Seaborne Release Their First Ever French Language Single, "Hypnotise"

Seaborne are getting better and better with their rapid fire release of singles over the past year. Jumping between Vancouver and Montreal during that period, the group has released their first French language single, "Hypnotise". 

The thing about music (and videos) today is that you need to hook someone immediately. Musical Sabermetrics geeks will tell you that a listener will give a famous artist thirty seconds before deciding to listen to the entire production, and a mid to low level act, less than ten. So, the sub bass for the intro to this track works that angle fantastically. The production does that trademark Seaborne thing where it uses sounds and techniques that aren't just plugins, like most pop does, while Maryse Bernard's voice(s) sound beautiful, but that's just to be expected from her at this point. "I wanted to recognize the unique infatuation experienced when seeing an artist you love perform," Bernard explains. "Feeling such an entrancing connection that you're almost persuaded they see you and feel it too...while being aware that you're part of an equally hypnotized crowd." 

Count us as the hypnotized crowd on this number, Maryse.

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