Slowdive Present New Video

It’s unheard of for a band to break up and then twenty-two years after their last album, record a follow up that is worthy of the long wait in between. Reading UK based Slowdive did just that this year when they released their long overdue fourth, self-titled album. Now with the band preparing to launch their North American tour, starting in Vancouver, they have also graced us with a Grant Singer directed video for the single, “Don’t Know Why”. The prolific director, who has lensed clips for The Weeknd, Lorde and many more, has crafted a beautifully composed, meditative and, ultimately, unsettling vision for the bands hyper textured tome. Shot as a triptych, with part one featuring a dog running through a field, part two, a young couple on a stormy beach and finally, part three, a lone female in a nightmarish situation. Singer has created something that he himself puts, “is less about logic and more about a feeling.” As if we needed something that adds to the emotional overload of Slowdive’s music, this visual accompaniment to “Don’t Know Why”, places the viewers into the mix of something as complex and challenging as Slowdive can be on their own.

You can watch the video here.

Slowdive kick off their North American tour Monday, October 23rd at The Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville Street) in Vancouver.

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