Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, also known as FOXTROTT, started a pretty remarkable journey in 2015 with the release of her Polaris Prize nominated album A Taller Us. The Montreal-based performer and producer started to write the songs that made up her debut record as way to cope with the anxiety she felt. Through the process of that album's creation and subsequent touring, which found FOXTROTT performing all over the world, this unease drifted away and the artist has captured a more confident tone with her three new EPs Mediations I-II-III. The Mediations project finds Delorme relaxed, open and doing some pretty remarkable work. She has just released the new video for the single "WAIT" off of Mediations I, which was just released this past Friday, June 15th, and the track pushes out of the gates with some big, chunky beats and a soft pulsating synth line. It's interesting, innovative and showcases an artist coming into her own and creating some truly magical work. 

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