Song of the Day | Ultrviolence "Better Learn How To Swim"

Most bands have that immediate touchstone, the one big influence that hangs over all their songs and jump out at the listener as a way to contextualize the group within music’s ever-expanding genre landscape. Calgary’s Ultrviolence is no exception. From the moment their new single, “Better Learn How To Swim,” begins we are confronted with some very deliberate genre tropes. There’s lead singer Nate Jespersen’s familiar baritone, an arpeggiated guitar line that is perfectly enveloped in the reverb drenched amber of early 80s post punk and that head shaking 4/4 kick drum pattern. All this aside, don’t mistake them as merely a Joy Division or, God forbid, Interpol knock off.

"Better Learn How To Swim”, is more sophisticated than that. The level of tension here borders on sinister when Jespersen growls, “Sometimes I lose myself,” as the drums and bass seemingly dig deep underneath the song while the guitar envelopes and ties it all back together. Some could classify this as a throwback, but the maturity of the writing and cohesion of the production, courtesy of Vancouver’s Jason Corbett, allows us the freedom to drop that contextualization and embrace looking forward to hearing more from this talented trio.

Photo: Northern Light Records site

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