SONG OF THE DAY | Wolkoff "The Homecoming" single

Insightful ION scribe, Joanie Wolkoff, isn't just a top tier writer of words, but also a magnificent songsmith, whose new record, Without Shame, was just announced this week. Leading the record cycle is "The Homecoming", a solid representation of where her and current producing partner, Icarus Moth, have decided to plant their flag. The duo have together crafted a trademark sound, which is near impossible with the cultural limitations of 2016. They invoke plugins of ancient and faraway instruments, all drifting in and out of broken beats that sound pulled from even farther away. Lop a ladle-full of engineering from Grammy award winner Ariel Borujow on the album, and bare witness to the rise of Wolkoff.

Photo credit: Jeannine Dormani

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