Station 16's Global Street Art Story: Alice Pasquini

Back in 2013, Montreal’s Station 16 set out to create their Global Street Art Story: 16 silkscreen prints, by 16 artists from around the world, in 16 months. The gallery explains, “Our intention with this project is to contribute to the promotion of the street art culture worldwide, expose our local artists among international names, and create a rich and inspiring selection of artwork for our followers.
We love street art for many reasons: the main one is because it strongly promotes the democratization of art, by virtue of being displayed in public spaces on an unfiltered manner and at little to no cost.”

The next print, by Italy’s Alice Pasquini, is set to be released online today at noon EST, and in the gallery tomorrow. “The artist, born and based in Rome, places an emphasis on independent women to counteract the incessant proliferations of overly sexualized women in pop culture and the media.”

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