Three Kitschy Commodities For Your Digs

If you're in the mood to add a little kitsch to your apartment in the near future, check out these three potential additions to your pad.

Terry Fan Streaker Shower Curtain:

You spend enough time in the bathroom that you should invest in a shower curtain that makes you laugh. Or at least makes you be all like, “I should have a banana today because they’re full of potassium” or “I really hate bananas as a food but like them as a design on my shower curtain”. The Streaker Shower Curtain from artist Terry Fan is made from 100% polyester which is probably what all shower curtains are made of. Maybe? Who knows? Now, make like a banana and go buy this shower curtain.

FledermausCrafts Bat Stickers:

Handmade in our home and native land from FledermausCrafts, these illustrated bat stickers are perfect for your fridge, if you own it. If you don’t own your fridge, your landlord might get pissed if you stick something permanent on it so use a magnet instead to put these stickers on display. Unless you hate your landlord and are planning on moving anyway. But then you’ll be out one of these awesome bat stickers because it’ll be stuck on the fridge in the apartment you’re leaving. So maybe just buy these stickers and do whatever you want with them? Yeah, that’s a better idea.

Laura Graves Otter Rug:

Otters are like seals but better. A rug is like a carpet but better. Coincidence? Probably not but you should still get this otter rug from artist Laura Graves. Carpets take up a lot of space and cost a lot of money to clean. This rug is machine washable and takes up no space. Well, it takes up some space but not like, all the space of a carpet. Plus, this otter is boss. Look at it. As if an otter would need a towel!

Elisabeth Galina has been told on numerous occasions that she is the Chandler of every room she walks into.  When she’s not using humour as a defense mechanism and cracking wise, you might find her crafting write-ups on fun products with a focus on independent Canadian labels.







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