Untitled Art Space turns one! [Event]

Over the past 12 months, Untitled Art Space has been testing the limits of the art gallery experience with everything from photography and audio/visual performances, to an installation of a partial skateboard park coming through the doors of the tiny space. Through this year-long exploration, the gallery has found that its identity lays ultimately in collaboration and the experimentation of interactive art and interdisciplinary projects. To mark the gallery's one year anniversary, Untitled Art Space is proud to announce a line-up of some stand out artists who’ve exhibited at the space this past year as well as a few new additions to round things out. Join the opening night celebration on March 4th 2016, from 8PM to late. Show runs from March 4th-March 13th 436 Columbia Street [Chinatown] Matt Munn Nate LaCoste Alexine McLeod Katie So Shannon Elliott Colin Cej Miles Vernon Beau Partlow Lauren D. Zbarsky Pat Christie Sarah Delaney Amelia Garvin Wendy Dyk Jonah Yano Chris Eugene Mills John Park Derrick Fast Ali Bruce Victoria Sieczka D-eviljordans for sale ebay

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