Video of the Day | Dude York "Tonight"

Who doesn't love a good mall? The place where all your teenage dreams came true or went up in flames. You can by a good pair of pants or just enjoy an Orange Julius and watch the world walk by. As you can see in their new video for the song "Tonight", Seattle's Dude York clearly loves a mall. Apart from being one of the many highlights off of their new album Sincerely, the video for "Tonight" is a great way to have a solid hang with the exuberant three piece. Ride the escalators, explore the arcade, spend a couple of quarters riding the toy train, get your make up done and sample the exotic cuisine of the food court. Dude York does it all and has graciously allowed all of us to join in the fun. Check out the video and then maybe we can all meet up by the New York Fries later to discuss. 

Photo: Dude York FB

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