Royal Mountain Records' crown jewel, Toronto band PUP, released a video today that is sure to play well with Generation X'ers who miss guzzling root beers and bags of Ruffles salt & vinegar (RIP, greatest chip ever made) on Saturday afternoons and getting an NES and/or Genesis controller all greasy; mostly because all Gen X'ers seem to do is sit around yakking about old cartoons, video games, and chocolate bars you can't buy anymore (which is exactly what I'm doing here, yes, I get that).

The video created and directed by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, is simple enough, but you didn't think of it for your band, so you don't get to reap the sweet, sweet accolades. If we still gave scores for content at ION, this would get a 9/10, missing that final point only because of the lack of Tecmo Super Bowl SMDH.

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