Video of the Day | Sex With Strangers - "Momento"

Sex With Strangers have been at it a while now. The benefit of that is that a band with that many hours logged sounds far more like an outfit that's trying to make something rather than trying to "make it," and, of course, even the most uninitiated listener is turned off by an artist who smells of putrid desperation for fame (usually involving making expensive, glossy videos before they have even 500 Facebook likes).

Their latest video for "Momento," directed by Mark Henning (formerly of superb band, Pure), is your basic performance video, driven and bookended by frontman Hatch Benedict's grinning maw, and features a smug easter egg: one frame of a rooster after Benedict delivers the line, "These fucking cocks all looking at me/They're looking at me," which would be exceptionally crass minus the fact that the song is actually about a cock-fighting rooster named "Momento."

The single is off Sex With Strangers' forthcoming EP Space In Time, available Tuesday, April 5th. The EP was produced by Jason Corbett, and the band is currently finishing up a full-length follow-up with Corbett due out this fall.

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