VIDEO PREMIERE | The Charm Offensive - "Machinations of Love"

The Charm Offensive definitely has one foot firmly planted in the one of our most colourful decades, the 1980s. This has been explored previously in their collaborations with director Ash Middleton and with their latest joint, the Vancouver based band have decided to jump right in and place their other foot firmly in the aesthetics of said decade. The new video for “Machinations Of Love”, a bonus track from their debut EP Polite Mouth//Honest Hands, is set in a 1980s idea of dystopian future. So, a dystopia but drenched in gorgeously hot neon. Dual vocalists Hatch Benedict and Trish Kelly have a wonderful interplay and with that chemistry set in such a unique and uniquely bizarre landscape the clip turns out to be a real treat.

Check out the video here and grab the track exclusively at

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