Watch Jo Passed's New Video for "Millennial Trash Blues"

Jo Passed are gearing up to release their debut album Their Prime on May 25th through Royal Mountain Records (Canada) and Sub Pop (US/INTL), and before that gets to hit our ears the Vancouver, BC foursome have just released the video for their track “Millennial Trash Blues”. Directed by Justin Gradin (Louise Burns, White Lung), the surreal clip brings us into band leader Jo Hirabayashi’s nightmare-ish dystopia which features his bandmates as ghoulish monsters who tempt him with trash and melt off his face amongst other horrifyingly hilarious things. It all plays out like a wonderful B movie from the 1950s soundtracked to healthy blasts of distorted guitar drone, unstoppable, rollicking drums and Hirabayashi’s dreamy vocals. It’s exciting, fun and just a little bit icky, and it certainly amplifies our anticipation for Their Prime’s release.

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