Wes Borland's Matadors & Daughters

Best known as Limp Bizkit’s freaky looking guitarist, whose penchant for costumes and makeup is the envy of horny cosplayers worldwide, Wes Borland is onto something nu new. His burgeoning solo career has taken him away from his rifftastic nu metal upbringing all the way to the bright lights of Electrorock, USA. Released to coincide with his “four-hour durational performance” at Moogfest 2018 in North Carolina, Borland’s new single “Matadors & Daughters” continues the groundwork laid by his 2016 solo debut Crystal Macheteand follows the same set of self-imposed rules: “no unprocessed vocals, no outside help from anyone else, and no distorted guitar.” In other words, no fun, but to his credit, Borland’s at least DQing something different here. And it’s hard to begrudge Borland’s clear desire to shed his image as Limp Bizkit’s “dumb alien frat boy,” although judging from “Matadors & Daughters” and the single’s accompanying B-side “Arcturus”, he’s still got a way to go in perfecting his about-face as a bona fide experimental artist. While Borland gives it the old college try, both songs feel a bit too repetitive to hold the attention of either his conventional Limp Bizkit audience or garner the interest of electrorock enthusiasts. Perhaps the weight of the past is simply too much for Borland to overcome, as the man himself seems readily prepared to admit. Yet there are enough encouraging signs on “Matadors & Daughters” to prove that Borland’s more than just some Juggalo-lite. With a little more time and effort, and dare I say, a little more time to let that hot dog flavoured water breathe, Borland may finally escape the oppressive shadow of Limp Bizkit lurking over him. All in due time, I guess. And for those who can’t wait, “Matadors & Daughters” is probably worth a three dollar bill, y’all$ – but not much else.

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