Wild Nothing's New Video Will Sweep You Away

The last ten or twelve years, it feels like nearly every mid-level act's video concept is "Kids having fun in America" and boy, did that get tiring. Wild Nothing's latest, although stylish and narrative-based, is so much more than that. To even the saltiest critics, it's beautiful wallpaper, feeling somewhere between a dark David Sedaris adaptation and Steven Soderbergh's Red Oaks

Coincidentally featuring snails, this dark dream of trauma and familial abuse lives in vintage fetishist heaven, with forest murals in rancher bedrooms, and colonial ties over garish lapels. For anyone who instinctively and fearfully runs from crisis into the soft bosom of nostalgia, here are a few minutes to make you feel both warm and cold, a conflict that Wild Nothing has perfected more than anyone else over time.

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