Zolas Release New Single "Bombs Away"

Oh Vancouver, we love you but you’re bringing us down. Skyrocketing housing prices and a super competitive job market frame this gorgeous city that, try as hard as we might, can’t seem to sustain any cultural identity but that just might be because of all the renovictions going on. The Zolas tackle this all with their rollicking new single “Bombs Away”, the band's first since 2016. “This goes out to everyone seeing their favorite spots and favorite people get priced out of the city and wondering if they might be next,” vocalist Zach Grey says about the track, “If you’ve ever daydreamed about getting all your people together and starting fresh in a cheap town somewhere beautiful, this one’s for you.” With its super tight hooks and anthemic chorus, “Bombs Away” may just be the rallying cry we need to pack up and start somewhere fresh.

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