Peaches Does Herself | Film recap

Peaches Does Herself could more aptly be titled Peaches Is Herself, or, simply, Peaches. Such is the level of sexualized frenzy and post-taboo theatrics that is associated with her work—Peaches Does Herself is almost a redundancy. In this her feature film debut, she does not withhold or disappoint, taking us on an “epic biographical journey through 22 original songs,” accompanied by obscene choreography following a loosely strung together narrative.

Supporting cast Sandy Kane aka The Naked Cowgirl and Danni Daniels push the story along as Kane and Peaches both vie for Daniels’ love. Kane attempts to impress Daniels by putting matches in her nipples and lighting them on fire (the matches, not her nipples) while Peaches dances with Daniels and serenades her, before throwing up black bile, for the second time. Kane’s rendition of “I Love Dick,” with an inspired corresponding dance routine, is one of the most shocking, and engrossing, numbers in the film.

The most extreme material is that which suits Peaches’ oeuvre best. However, the shock value meter cannot stay at 11, and so the more tame material feels lukewarm in comparison: dance routines that are a bit too simple, set pieces that do not relate to each other, songs that fail to take flight. It is hard at times to discern whose “biography” this is. Still, when Peaches gets going, she can put on a performance that can shock, gross out, electrify, turn off and turn on all at once—a feat by any artist’s standards.

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