Mike & Ike call it quits?

It’s not often we write about candy, actually, this may be the first time. But sometimes candy is worth talking about, especially when there is some tongue and cheek controversy involved. The other day I was at the beach and a pal offered me a box of Mike and Ike. Like most, I grew up with these chewy fruit-flavoured candies and I was excited to indulge in a favourite past-time snack. They tasted just as delicious as I remembered, but something was different – Ike’s name was scratched out on the box. Have Mike and Ike split? What is going on? According to the message on the box, Mike faults Ike for “spending way too much time on his graffiti art.” Wait a minute – Ike has left the candy business for the art industry? Apparently so. Upon further investigation it seems that Mike has always wanted to be a musician and Ike wants to be an artist. With this, a massive viral campaign has been launched with the company trying to get them back together. They have a Facebook Page, Twitter, and a Tumblr blog. There’s videos of press conferences, employee reactions, and even celebrities reacting to the news of the split of the candy duo.

“Mike and Ike are incredibly mysterious. They are riddles shrouded in shadows wrapped in enigma. They are like fruit candy impresario ninjas.” notes a Bansky like figure with regards to meeting Mike and Ike in a video named ‘Exit Through the Candy Shop’, a street artist’s reaction to Mike and Ike’s split and Ike’s expressive art.

While Mike and Ike are off playing with their celebrity friends, making music (check out “Strawberry or Die” produced by Mike) and creating art, the company will keep making and stocking all Mike and Ike flavours while they try to get the two back together.

In the meantime, Ike has been trying to win fans over with a t-shirt design contest for an ‘Ike Inspired’ t-shirt based on Ike’s new passion for urban art. Designs are posted online and voted on by viewers. The winner of the t-shirt design contest will receive a 46” LCD HD TV by Samsung and 15 second prize winners will each receive 24 packs of Mike and Ike.

Candy and bragging rights are always a good pair. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll save the two from separating and get the classic duo back together.

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