Franco-phone a friend because it's time once again for the Emerging Music Festival (FME). In its twelfth year this seasoned vet of a music machine is here to deliver a wide array of musical acts to shove in your ear and eye holes. With 65 acts spanning a myriad of different genres from symphonic pop (Rich Aucoin) all the way to metal (Ghoulunatics), there's something for every music fan. Hell, there may even be a dog in a tutu riding a unicycle with a theremin. As if four days of jam packed musical joy wasn't generous enough there will also be 35 free shows spontaneously sprouting around town as well as live broadcasts on CFME 91.9 FM. Who are you to resist!?

FME runs from August 28-31, 2014. For the full lineup and more information click here.


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