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Music Profile | METZ

This past fall has seen Toronto trio METZ flash-frying audiences around North America and Europe with the brutally percussive, noise-pop sounds of their recently released third album, Strange Peace, but when ION calls up frontman Alex Edkins for a chat, he's back at home on a brief reprieve from road life. While he notes that he was working on an as-of-yet unannounced remix for a "psychedelic" band from the U.S.

Music Profile | Peter Matthew Bauer

Life comes crashing through, though the undulations hit at different times. For Peter Matthew Bauer, it's been a particularly hectic few years. The onetime Walkmen bassist/organist has come out of the 2014 break-up/hiatus of the esteemed indie rock band focusing on not only a solo career, but on current day jobs as both an astrologer and the head of his own management company, Fortune Tellers Music.

The Self-Portrait Project: Applying The Notion Of Empowerment To Photography

Over the past decades, the notion of empowerment has been a fundamental concept in various social initiatives and cognitive studies. While the term ‘empowerment’ only came into usage in social work and psychology in the 1980s, the origins of the notion finds its roots in pioneering works dating from the 1960s1. Today, the concept often finds itself diluted and de-politicized.

Music Profile | Julie Dorion and the Wrong Guys

It was 2011 and the Toronto neighborhood around Bloor and Ossington was in the middle of a golden age. “Every single musician in Toronto seemed to be living in the neighborhood,” says Eamon McGrath, prolific Edmonton born musician and one quarter of Julie and the Wrong Guys, the new musical project from Canadian treasure Julie Doiron, McGrath and Cancer Bats rhythm section Mike Peters and Jaye Schwarzer.

Music Profile | New Swears

Ottawa’s New Swears are stuck. It’s their first day off on tour and their van has decided to break down on the side of the road somewhere in the interior of BC. The energetic pop punk band, known for decimating stages across the country, is currently watching Goosebumps on their iPhone screens. “We’ve been out here for a couple hours already," says Sammy J. Scorpion, New Swears bassist.

Music Profile | Woolworm

Subconsciousness fucks us up, and most of the time we don't really know why. It could be that nightmare where you're falling off a cliffside into a pile of jagged rocks, or maybe the one where your molars start crumbling for no apparent reason in the middle of a speech. You wake up and everything's fine, but you're still haunted by the thought. Panicked, even. For Woolworm member Nick Tolliday, hell is the recurring dream where he's not their drummer anymore.

Puddle of Mudd’s Heteronormative Filth Rock

Let me tell you something, folks: sometimes no amount of ass smacking can salvage your toxic relationship. Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin knows what I’m talking about. When he’s not berating audience members for (allegedly) stealing his house, there’s nothing our man Wes enjoys more than a good, hard slap on the ass, preferably in the context of a shitty relationship.