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Music Profile | Sleepy Sun

“Some of the best pieces of works are the ones made through extremely challenging times.”  Bret Constantino, lead vocalist for San Francisco-based Sleepy Sun, is recalling the process of recording the band’s fifth and newly released album, Private Tales. “The record was frustrating in many ways but our persistence paid off,” he says on the phone from his home in the Bay Area.

Artist Profile | Paul Rentler

The iconography of superheroes is imprinted on us at an early age. Just try closing your eyes and imagining the pointy-eared silhouette of Batman, the building-to-building strands of webbing connecting Spider-Man to his New York cityscape, or Captain America's red-white-and-blue Vibranium shield. It's all there, right? Ohio artist Paul Rentler is messing up those memories, distorting decades' worth of backstory with his character-mashing collages.

Music Profile | She-Devils

Even if it's with a tongue planted firmly-in-cheek, it's fitting that all of Montreal duo She-Devils' socials are branded as "@shedevilsinc". As it stands, loop-maker Kyle Jukka and vocalist Audrey Ann Boucher are delivering more to fans than just the buoyant, '60s pop-imbibed sounds of their new self-titled debut, bringing all sorts of savvy inclinations to the She-Devils empire.

From Cherry Pie to Civil War: Warrant’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Sure, Warrant thought about baseball so they could “swing all night,” and they even stooped low enough to compare the female anatomy to a comforting dessert, but underneath these sex-crazed hard rockers lay a deep social conscience yearning to explode. Life can’t be all cherry pie, I guess. Sometimes you need to get real by yelling your rock words about “issues” and signalling to your audience that you don’t just contemplate sports to prolong your next marathon fuck sesh. That’s where “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” fits in.

Music Profile | Ex Eye

Metal music comes in many forms, not just as a series of thrash licks launched from a pointy, hot pink BC Rich Warlock. The brassy attack of a saxophone doesn't often get enough credit for its heaviness, but consider the expressionistic proto-prog blaring of King Crimson's Ian McDonald, or John Zorn's screeching alto above his Naked City's free jazz death stomps.

Pat Lok Releases Full Length on Kitsune

Pat Lok is the only Canadian artist signed to Kitsuné Records, part of the Kitsuné Maison brand. They have an incredible reputation amongst both casual fans and DJs. Any time over the past decade they have come out with a new comp, every DJ in town has rushed to buy the record store out. Pat is also the newest signing to Pete Tong’s new publishing company, PTSongs. He has decided to forgo continuing making hit singles in favour of a full length, titled Hold On Let Go.