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In the first instalment of the Grolsh Originals series, Zach Gray of Vancouver postmodern pop band The Zolas talks about his long history with bandmate Tom Dobrzanski, their very first show, and the kinship they’ve developed along the way with other Vancouver musicians. “In Vancouver we ended up with a perfect eco system of musicians. I think there was a point when someone realized that if we’re actually gonna be musicians, and so were all the other people—we’re gonna be sharing green rooms and sound checks with these people—we might as well make those people our best friends. Often if I have a problem in my career, in the business side of things especially, or if I hate what we’re doing and wanna quit, there’s so many people from Vancouver that I’ll call.” Since the debut of their album Tic Toc in 2009, The Zolas have continued to win over the ears and hearts of audiences all across Canada, in addition to the loyal fan base Zach and Tom had already gained from their previous years as Lotus Child. Their second album, Ancient Mars, was released in 2012, and certainly didn’t disappoint. With catchy indie pop melodies and raw, evocative lyrics that leave you humming for days, The Zolas are on to something, and we can’t wait to hear what they have for us next. “My favorite part of the creative process is that one moment when you write something and it has that little edge,” Zach muses. “You’ll be writing for days, and just writing mediocre stuff, and then sometimes you’ll just stumble across something that you wrote that is a truth. When you’ve done that, that is one of the coolest feelings.”

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