Music Review |The Zolas-Ancient Mars

Vancouver locals, The Zolas, could quite possibly become the next di-cephalic ensemble to reach the masses with their Siamese sounds. On their most recent recording, Ancient Mars, the keyboard/guitar driven Zolas hit their stride like Secretariat catching the last furlong at Steeple Chase. Their melodies are somehow bouncy and sexy at the same time, and find perfect pockets within playfully dark swordplay between punchy piano riffs and jangly guitar. With privy to the soul lyrics that capture earnestness of modern life and beats that can range from Motown to disco, The Zolas have mastered riding the fine line between music you can dance to and music you can pour your heart out to. The production is glowing, but not too bright; a dimmer switch that is not often honed with such fine precision. Like Spoon, and Q and Not U, before them, The Zolas work hard to bring you rock music that you can move to - songs that make you strut across campus or on your way to work. Far too often, such attempts only lead to Maroon 5 sounding shit, and haircuts that grown men should be afraid of. Not only do The Zolas have great haircuts, but Ancient Mars holds a pace of pop perfection and good times for it’s entire playtime.

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