Ty Segall | Twins [album review]

I don’t presume to know nearly enough about The Beatles, Black Sabbath or psych-rock in general to start making any inferences about the influence of this record. That being said, talking about influences doesn’t matter when a record is this good. This is Segall’s third album this year, but don’t mistake prolific for declining quality as the material here holds up against anything he’s put out thus far. These are the songs you’re going to want to see live. You’ll want to be enveloped in the guitars of “Ghost”. You’ll want to absorb the harmonies of “The Hill”. And you will definitely want to see the shredding solos of damn near every song on this album. If there’s one thing Segall does better than most, it’s guitar tone, and he nails it on Twins. Plus this album features a beautiful, confusing, not-nearly-used-enough-these-days fade out on “Love Fuzz”.

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