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Tess Parks and Teenanger are two of our favourite acts, not just out of Toronto, but anywhere. We smashed them together because we wanted to play God. They interviewed and took photos of each other and this is what we got. “There’s peanut butter in my chocolate! There’s chocolate in my peanut butter!” Together they taste like this.

Teenanger: So, we kind of know each other, but not really. Would you say that's accurate?
Tess Parks: That's accurate.
TA: Let's make this really strange, what did you know about us before this interview?
TP: I knew you guys were totally rad and make sweet, sweet tunes. I also saw recently you guys got five N's in NOW magazine, which never happens. Speaking of which, your new record, Singles Don't $ell is really, really good! I almost died making my record. What was it like making this one?
TA: People keep saying that 5N’s is a big deal, but the truth is I think we got that review because we gave the writer some potent weed cookies. Making SD$ was pretty easy. We did a lot of it at our home studio, so we just kind of sat back and tried layering a bunch of crap on the songs. How did you almost die? Were you trying to make a record in a Volcano?
TP: A metaphorical volcano!
TA: Have you ever seen us play?
TP: I saw you guys open for Ty Segall at the Phoenix. That was an awesome show. I'd think it was such an honour to play the Phoenix. Rock royalty has played on that stage. So, what's the biggest show you guys have ever played? What's your favourite band that you've opened for?
TA: That show probably had the biggest stage to least amount of audience ratio ahah. Opening for bands at that level is kind of pointless because you’re just playing as people enter the room. I’m gonna be honest, we haven’t seen you play. But, after this interview, we’re going to be at every show. You can put us on the list, right? Our rider is pretty modest.
TP: I hope that you’ll like us! What are your rider preferences? I’ve never had the fortune of that yet… I’m happy if we get a free drink for each member of the band, really.
TA: Do you think Melissa is the best looking person in our band?
TP: Without question! She's a rare beauty.
TA: Steve is never going to forgive you for that.
TA: Let's talk about your scene. You are part of the Kensington market / Optical Sounds crew, right?
TP: I do love Optical Sounds crew a whole lot, and you will find me in Kensington Market more often than anywhere... I'm truthfully alone a lot of the time. I've never felt whole-heartedly included in a "scene" in my whole life... What would you guys say your scene is? I feel like Toronto is pretty inclusive, you can be part of lots of different niches it seems…
TA: The YMCA I go to has “POSITIVITY, MOTIVATION AND INCLUSIVENESS” written on the wall. It’s pretty “scene” in there. Maybe you should join. Fitness can be psychedelic, you know?
TP: I love positivity, motivation and inclusiveness. That's psychedelic as you can get.
TA: Do you guys do tonnes of drugs and get super "far out?” That's the impression we get as outsiders. It sounds lame but I have this vision of you guys all laying around on carpets, getting high as fuck, listening to Spacemen 3, smoking cigarettes and not talking much. It seems like a lot of fun, can I come?
TP: Hahaha. You can totally join us. Do you guys have any band rituals? Is there anything weird that you guys do that people should know about? What's the craziest thing you guys have all done together?
TA: We lost our minds on MDMA to the point where Chris was in a wheelchair basically having a seizure. He was actually fine and didn’t really need the wheelchair, but it just happened to be there so he rolled with it. A few hours later we listened to the entire Ramones discography and had a dance-off that Steve won by doing the splits like John Travolta. If that was our weekly ritual we’d be a band of Dee Dee’s.
TA: Let's talk sunglasses— this is a fashion magazine, after all. I feel like you were way ahead of the circle sunglass trend. Are you going to start wearing polarized Oakley blades in retaliation? They're trippy right?
TP: Hahaha. You guys are hilarious. Maybe we could start an ugly sunglasses trend all together. Hey, I just want to stress again how good your new record is. It's like, really good.
TA: Who said they’re ugly? We just ordered a bunch so we can wear them in the photo shoot for this interview. Are you just saying that so Melissa will sleep with you? It might work. Smart angle.
TP: I hope you’re serious.
TA: On the glasses or sex?
TP: Glasses, glasses
TA: Steve is never going to forgive you for that.
TP: I'm looking forward to your show coming up with Fuzz, also. What have you guys got planned for the rest of the year and next year?
TA: We’re doing a bunch of weekend tours and shit, then recording in December again. What’s up with you? Are you going to meet up with Noel Gallagher and do a duo record—AKA Oasis 3.0? You guys are bros, right?
TP: We’re gonna be playing all around for the next little while, heading to the UK. And Noel and I, we’re bezzie mates. No, but I actually have met the Gallaghers several times, here and there.
TA: That’s pretty insane. Are they cool to be around or are you always trying to be on your A-game?
TP: They have been very, very kind to me, not what you would expect at all. But every time I've met them I've been like, slightly shaking.
TA: Yesterday I saw our cat scale a wooden door. He just dug his claws in and climbed up to look at us through the window. Crazy, huh? He's tough as shit.
TP: That's fucking bad ass.

Tess Parks’ album Blood Hot is released on November 18th, via 359 Music.
Teenanger’s latest effort, Singles Don’t $ell is out now via Telephone Explosion.


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