Turn your pennies into art

Pennysmash | Launched in Toronto, and expanded to Vancouver, this is an artistic project that is not only awesome, but also gives back to the creative community. A souvenir project involving amazing artists Ken Lum, Ian Grais, Jerszy Seymour and Natalie Purschwitz, it takes your every day pennies, puts them through the PennySmash machine, and turns them into works of art, all for only $2.01. So take all those sad pennies, unsure of what to do with their lives now they have been deemed worthless, and give them new direction. Find the Toronto machine at the Design Exchange and the Vancouver machine at Salt Tasting Room. All proceeds go to local charity.



T Falkowsky says: PennySmash | Sun, 05/27/2012 - 10:49

Thanks guys...one thing...the designers name is Jerszy not Lerszy.

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