SALAZAR | Silver Creek

In 2012, SALAZAR—a band of directors creating unique and progressive films—set out across Canada driving over 2600 Kilometers from Vancouver, British Columbia to the village of Angusville, Manitoba to create the short film, Silver Creek. Over the course of two weeks the people of Angusville embraced SALAZAR and their project, letting them shut down their main street for days on end, invade their backyards and throw confetti literally everywhere.

Silver Creek tells the tale of a young band of outsiders, isolated and teased in their community, who one day discover the magic of their own creativity and imagination. The kids find solace and support in their celebration, though the moment is short-lived, and others try to break them apart.

If viewers are moved by this short film’s message, they are encouraged to click the “Tip Jar” button below the video. The funds raised from this are not only a “tip”—they are the necessary resources that make the work done by the beneficiary charities, the Trevor Project and Rainbow Resource Centre possible. Both organizations do exceptional work with LGBTQ youth in crisis and offer supportive services that make a vital difference in young people’s lives.


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