STEEL VIPER FORCE | Sweet Moves with Lance Fiero [VIDEO]

STEEL VIPER FORCE and ION Magazine present
'Sweet Moves with Lance Fiero'

An instructional video series teaching you how to defend yourself in the streets AND find satisfaction in the bedroom.

This episode features a face-crushing combat move demonstrated on special guest dojo assistant, Tom Hill; it's called The Bone Tickler.

Now with the feature length script ready to go and a team of some of Vancouver’s finest comedians and improvisers rallied, the producers would like to invite you on Thursday, November 28th to experience STEEL VIPER FORCE: THE LIVE READ at the China Cloud theatre in Vancouver. 

So grab a bucket of popcorn, cover it in hot sauce and whiskey, watch this very SFW how-to video, and then make your way down to the China Cloud to see what they’ve got planned for you next.



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