Stephen Dunn | Life Doesn't Frighten Me

We’re putting it out there; we think this talented Canadian filmmaker is going places. Dunn is currently riding high from his success at the Tribeca Film Festival, with his award winning (Student Visionary Award 2013) short film Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, starring Canadian legend Gordon Pinsent, as well as boasting Rick Mercer as producer and an entire soundtrack by Sufjan Stevens. Dunn, a Newfoundland native, Toronto-based creative is the youngest person ever selected for TIFF, and already a TED speaker, we’re sure this 24-year-old is destined to be a cinematic superstar. His sweet coming-of-age story has already won seven film festival awards since it’s debut last year, and shows Dunn’s talents as a writer/director, with a unique voice able to switch between humour, drama and whimsy effortlessly. A hefty accomplishment in only 13 minutes. While the acting is world class, we have to admit King Henry, the pug, stole the show.


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