Basia Bulat | Tall Tall Shadow

If you already know Basia Bulat, then you’ll feel a comfortable familiarity with her latest release, Tall Tall Shadow, almost immediately.  If you don’t, then I recommend going back and starting with her first release Oh, My Darling, not because Tall Tall Shadow is less accessible (it is), but because Basia’s growth as an artist is worth following. Gone is the musical pixie dream girl, singing lyrics like: “salt and pepper shaker, cross your heart”, replaced with a more mature and introspective sound that sometimes feels like Testament. My wife says she sounds like Natalie Merchant and Tracy Chapman. I think the latest album has an end-of-the-world anxiety that says Arcade Fire (whose engineer co-produced the album). Perhaps “The City with No Rivers” also has no children in it. I found “It Can’t Be You” to be a little self indulgent, but otherwise enjoyed the hell out of this album. I always pair Basia with Nas on a shuffle, I…don’t know why. Best three songs (after 10 listens): “Tall Tall Shadow”, “The City with No Rivers”, and “Someone”.

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