Cafe Lanai | Paradise [ALBUM REVIEW]

Being a barista for a big coffee chain like Starbucks must be a huge pain in the ass. The pay isn't great and the customers are ragingly impatient because they haven't gotten their non-fat half-caff horse placenta venti mochachino yet. On top of that, all the baby boomers that take up valuable seating for hours with empty cups keep asking you what this "hip new album" is. You'll then have to launch into your prefab spiel telling them, "It's this two-piece going by the name of Cafe Lanai that the head of your company discovered in some little hut in Bali that only just now discovered disco and house. This is why all the tropical wind-swept tones and soft, soothing vocals sound so authentic and in no way are you hearing the same Lemon Jelly albums samples from twelve years ago played by two crazy attractive kids from just down the block." At this point you'll have to shake the customer awake so he can go buy a copy of the Paradise EP and impress his kids by playing it back to back with St. Germain.

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