Elephant Stone | The Three Poisons [ALBUM REVIEW]

It isn’t often that I consciously think about how well an album is curated. It happens once in a while, where upon the first few listens, I become acutely aware of how well the first song flows into the second and that gets you ready for the third, and by that point you’re totally aware of what the band is trying to convey to you. Elephant Stone’s recent output, The Three Poisons, hit me in exactly this way. By the time the third track, “All is Burning”, starts, you’re geared up, ready to go and, from my own experience, on board with what Elephant Stone is going for. The closest recent analogue I can think of for the feeling I get is Tame Impala’s debut Innerspeaker, which I think is one hell of a compliment. Elephant Stone definitely put some thought into releasing this in the second half of the summer, because this is the album you want in your headphones biking along the beach or playing at a BBQ. Give it a spin, tell me I’m wrong. 

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