Idgy Dean | The Indian Squirrel Dance [VIDEO]

Directed by Bon Jane, a woman who claims her concepts were once stolen by the Black Keys, Idgy Dean's "The Indian Squirrel Dance" creates a playful scenario for the mid-twenties Brooklynite. Dean spends most of the video switching between beating her drum skins like they slept with her boyfriends and floating on air, singing tenderly to the viewer. With a carnal, pounding rhythm, and a chewy guitar cadence, "The Indian Squirrel Dance" is actually the kind of guitar-based pop song that could overthrow the inundation of EDM chart toppers that are ever pervasive in the contemporary popular music spectrum. “The Indian Squirrel Dance” is available on iTunes and Spotify and serves as a transition between Heart & Lung and Idgy's (aka Lindsay Sanwald) first full-length work currently in production with Eli Crews (Yoko Ono, tUnE-yArDs, Kathleen Hanna) entitled Ominous Harminus due in 2015. 

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