Kandle | In Flames [ALBUM REVIEW]

Blending blues and rock like singers of yesteryear, Kandle’s latest release further separates the young Canadian singer from the pack. With the release of In Flames, Kandle is cementing herself a place within the Canadian musical landscape. Her voice is haunting on “Demon” and “Gimme A Pill”, which set the tone for the album early on. Closing my eyes while listening, I can see a smoky bar with a band playing in the back. Kandle behind her guitar, with a lone spotlight on her, while the band nod their heads to the beat that rolls along. That is to take nothing away from the music itself. For me, it paints this visual so well. This can only happen with well produced, brooding songs like these. The lyrics are delivered from a place within Kandle that only talented singers can find, and the guitars blend seamlessly throughout with her voice. They grip you at the outset of each song. Then the bass and drums kick in to carry you along for the ride. Pour yourself a shot of whiskey, light a cigarette, close your eyes, and be transported to the smoky saloon this album is being played in. You’ll soon be having another round.

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