White Lung | Deep Fantasy [ALBUM REVIEW]

Vancouver punk trio White Lung’s third album, Deep Fantasy, sees the continuation of the group’s accessible ferocity. While the band is as thrashy as ever, this album sees them exploring new emotional depths. This is shown in standout track “Lucky One”, where front woman Mish Way addresses a sense of pride vacillating into a need for validation. Swaggering lioness self-projections (“You are the lucky one/and I’m a dying breed”) falter into anxiety and doubt (“But it all falls apart/When you’re in front of me”) with the whole song banging out in volcanic frustration at the fact that you can never just like someone and have it be easy. It’s a weirdo emotional delicacy to confront, but White Lung has a knack for being cathartically identifiable. Ultimately, it’s that accessibility of subject matter that makes Deep Fantasy great, be it in the charismatic dealing-with-demons howls of “Drown the Monster”, or the personal specificity of “Just For You”, the album delivers punk poignancy at its best.

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