Laetitia Sadier | Audible Utopia

In the three years since post-rock pioneers Stereolab announced an indefinite hiatus, Sadier has been keeping busy. July 24 will mark the release of Silencio, her sophomore solo offering. It’s an LP that sees the French-born, London-based artist expand on the intimate tone and songwriting style that has come to distinguish her personal work from that of her former bands, the aforementioned Stereolab, and dream pop quartet Monade.

Andrew WK

In case you don’t know what Andrew WK has been up to in the past ten years, he’s released three albums, hosted a game show on Adult swim called “Destroy, Build, Destroy,” done a motivational lecture tour, played countless shows and built an award-winning concert hall and nightclub in downtown New York City with close friends and associates.

Hans-Peter Lindstrom

It’s a few degrees below zero and depressingly overcast in Oslo, Norway. While the constant gloom of Norwegian winter may detract from any feelings of warmth, Hans-Peter Lindstrom is in his home getting busy with his sampler and keyboards, making otherworldly sounds that seem even more distant than Northern Europe.

Burd and Keyz

Burd & Keyz intend to drop their (well, his, since Keyz is now deceased) premiere anthology of hip-hop-influenced jams in mid-November. I write “hip-hop-influenced” because Burd handles all genres of production, from R&B and reggae to dance and SouthSide-esque (note, SouthSide reigns over Lex Luger, according to Burd) trap n**** beats.