Warren Ellis, as it turns out, is two very different creatures: one is a ferocious warlock who throws high-kicks while performing voodoo on his violin; the other is a soft-spoken gentleman who is as thoughtful as he is thought-provoking (can you guess which of the two I interviewed?).


You’re finally releasing a full-length album after a handful of limited run EPs and 7” records. Is releasing an album a momentous thing or is it just another step?

Das Racist

The New Yorker calls them art rap, The New York Times calls them joke rap and the internet is calling them a clever and self-aware take on hip hop.


Back in 2008, Calgary’s Women became a surprise success with the release of their gritty, art-rocking eponymous debut.


ION was lucky enough to have Love & Electrik, a young and popular act of a similar genre, interview Dave1 and P-Thugg. Never again shall these two bands be in the same room, as any catastrophe would drain the Canadian funk pool down to zero.