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Andrew WK

In case you don’t know what Andrew WK has been up to in the past ten years, he’s released three albums, hosted a game show on Adult swim called “Destroy, Build, Destroy,” done a motivational lecture tour, played countless shows and built an award-winning concert hall and nightclub in downtown New York City with close friends and associates.


A film can tell a story effectively because of its use of audio and visuals. For a musician to pull off a work that fully emotes that of the silver screen, the artist must connect to its audience based on the quality of the journey.


Phil Spector’s band was The Teddy Bears, Elvis Presley wanted to be yours, and Teddy Pendergrass had a beautiful man-beard. Today, carrying the plush Gund down the stairs by the ear is Sweden’s Teddybears.

Ed Ou

It’s 2:46 AM here in downtown Vancouver. The last of the bars have closed and the streets are silent and cold. I’m talking to Ed Ou, a 24-year old Canadian photojournalist who has been bouncing around the Middle East and taking some of the best photographs to emerge from the conflicts, protests and revolts of 2011’s “Arab Spring.”


ION was lucky enough to have Love & Electrik, a young and popular act of a similar genre, interview Dave1 and P-Thugg. Never again shall these two bands be in the same room, as any catastrophe would drain the Canadian funk pool down to zero.

Die Antwoord

n the cover this month are Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord. This high energy, rave rap outfit from South Africa caused the internet to explode back in February when two videos they made, “Zef Side” and “Enter The Ninja,” spread like tuberculosis.

Eugene Hütz

and Gogol Bordello. Originally hailing from a small town near Kiev, Eugene fled Ukraine after learning of the Chernobyl disaster just up river from his home. After six years spent in refugee camps throughout Eastern Europe, he arrived in the U.S. as a political refugee.

She and Him

Ward, otherwise known as M.Ward. Now, we didn’t put Zooey and Matt on the cover just because they’re easy on the eyes, they’re easy on the ears too. After much success with their first album, Volume One, Zooey and Matt have stepped back up to the plate with their aptly named follow up, Volume Two.