Wild Nothing Shares New Single "Blue Wings"

There are certain artists that seem to have the ability to channel certain eras and production techniques within their music. One very recognizable era in popular music is the 1980s. We’ve seen a bit of a renaissance over the last few years with television shows and movies rehashing some popular songs of that time. One artist who seems to have been able to really grab onto these elements is Virginia-based Jack Tatum AKA Wild Nothing.

New Single from DC-Area Group, Ex Hex

Washington, D.C. may effectively be shut down at the moment, but lucky for us one thing that hails from America’s capital that remains open for business is the wonderful and mighty Ex Hex. The gritty three piece, made up of members of Helium, Wild Flag and Bat Fang, who lovingly refer to their music as something “your older brothers and babysitters used to listen to” are back with a new album, It’s Real, the band's first since 2014’s Rips.

Sharon Van Etten's "Seventeen": A Second Look

Sometimes when an artist takes some time off to pursue other avenues you don’t really get the sense of how much you missed them until they come back. In the case of Sharon Van Etten, she took the last few years off, went back to school, had a child and wrote a record, Remind Me Tomorrow, which will be dropping worldwide on January 18th. Her latest single from that album, “Seventeen”, just came out and it is a huge reminder of how vital an artist she is.

Sharon Van Etten's New Video Is Deeply Moving

When in a crisis, panic, or drowning in trauma, one of the devices that can help us is talking to our younger self. If you can't be yelled at as an adult without crumbling into a utility closet, it might help to talk to ten-year-old you; tell that version of you that it's okay that they got yelled at, and that you're there for them. It's sometimes one of the only ways out of the dark. Sharon Van Etten must have this approach mastered, because she wrote a beautiful song about just that, and a touching corresponding video. 

Chemical Brothers Release Brand New Video

There are always these bands in your life that have just been constant. Sometimes you don’t care at all for them and sometimes they are the ones you love the most. The Chemical Brothers have been that band for me. They’ve just been ubiquitous. Always there. Hanging around. Some of their songs are great, most I haven’t really paid attention to, but the veteran electronic act are on the cusp of a new album, No Geography, and might be looking to change my mind about that. The band have just released the video for “MAH”.

Macaulay "Macaulay Culkin" Culkin

During the holiday season of 1990 the world was treated to and immediately fell for an adorable and strong willed 8-year-old boy from Shermer, Illinois, named Kevin McCallister. We all know that McCallister was played by the wonderful Macaulay Culkin, who has since transitioned from being a well regarded child actor to his role now, as it looks to us from afar, as a man of leisure who only does things that are fun and to help out his pals.