Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now's the Time

Jean-Michel Basquiat took the New York City art world by storm in the early 1980s and gained international recognition by creating powerful and expressive works that confronted issues of racism, identity and social tension. Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now's the Time opens this weekend at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, marking the first major retrospective of the artist's work in Canada. In conjunction with the exhibition, the AGO is presenting a programme of talks, screenings and classes.

T Dot’s Time | FAUXREEL

For a long time, if there was one thing that the outside world didn’t really associate with the city of Toronto, it was a strong identity of its own. Sure, it’s the largest city in Canada and the CN Tower was inspiring awe long before the Burj Khalifa, but to people not actually from there, it wasn’t really known for anything—except maybe as home to a bunch of amazing comedians, Drake, and Rob Ford. It certainly was never thought of as an artists’ city. But, believe it or not, a lot has changed.

m0851 | Boxing Day

Urban artistry is the order of the day at m0851. A unique blend of minimalist Scandinavian structure, Japanese serenity and Mediterranean vitality, all m0851 products possess a distinct look and feel—balancing old-world elegance with new-school articulation. In a day and age when fashion is often reduced to fads, and style characterized by superficiality, m0851 collections stand out by being as functional as they are refined, as beautiful as they are durable.

The Definitive CanCon List

The funny thing as a Canadian expatriate living in the United States is that you quickly discover that you’re 30-40% out of touch with American contemporary culture. That CanCon quota you so poisonously made fun of over Labatt products at your city’s local tavern before you emigrated has a way of burrowing into your brain; either shaping your youth as you’re mesmerized by the Log Driver’s Waltz, or getting your first weird erection to Heather Conkie. Such is the case for Brooklyn by-way-of Toronto’s Her Habits, AKA Joanie Wolkoff.

D.L. Eyewear | F/W 14

The summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to put our shades away. Especially when you feast your eyes on D.L. Eyewear, Dan Levy's eponymous line of optical & sunglass frames, and their F/W collection. They are building on their core collection, after a well received first year that has ensured their brand continues to grow.

No Fun Press

Torontonian Reilly Hodgson started No Fun Press in 2011 as an outlet to produce the soft goods, artist editions, and bootlegs that he wanted to make but, up until then, didn't have a platform for. He then became a man that seized the moment; a one man show that has stayed that way ever since, with Hodgson running the company out of his live/work space on Toronto's west side. No Fun products typically fall into one of two categories—rap jokes or negativity.

Caribou | Our Love [ALBUM REVIEW]

You've finally made it to prom and it's better than you could've imagined in your wildest dreams. Sally Johnson (Sally freakin' Johnson!) is on your arm, your rented tux really fits quite well, that corsage you picked out wonderfully compliments Sally's (SALLY FREAKIN' JOHNSON!) dress and hell, even the punch is tasty. Speaking of punch, it's time to get a refill. But where's Sally? She was dancing with Tony, which is fine because they're just friends now and it's only one dance anyway. Though she has been gone for some time and the night is winding down.